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26 juin 2007

playlist juin 2007

Quilts Acid Flower (ruralfaune)Ashtray Navigations / Cold Solemn Rites In The Sun / Heavy Winged Split (ruralfaune)Women In Tragedy The Shame (ruralfaune)Slow Listener s/t (ruralfaune)The Mighty Acts Of Gods Joy of the Mountain (ruralfaune)The Reggaee Balthar (tipped bowler tapes)V/A The Crests of the Avians Dance to our Vibes (celestrial jars)Xasthur Telepathic with the Deceased (moribund records)L'Acephale Mord Und Totsclag (skullfucking tapes)
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16 avril 2007

playlist avril 2007

Des choses plus ou moins récentes. Peu importe. Racoo-oo-oon It's Night People (release the bats)Ocre Akustomach / Anspach / Alta Di Lacuna (self release)SunnO))) Boris Altar - ultra deluxe edition (southern lord)Gangpol und Mit The Hopelessly Sad Story... (wwilco)Dälek Abandoned Language (ipecac)Dat Politics Plugs Plus (cos records)Envy All the Footprints You've Ever Left... (HG fact / dim mak)Kap Bambino Zero Life, Night Vision (wwilco)Robedoor Grendel Glare (sycophanticide records)Dudu Geva Madelaines ou Soucoupes Volante?... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2007

playlist mars 2007

playlist mars 2007- SEHT "Guyrz nz you are thus alienated" (ruralfaune)- CORSICAN PAINTBRUSH ""Diamonds"(ruralfaune)- B.I.S "Bicephale" (ruralfaune)- BJERGA / IVERSEN "The Trumpets of Silence" (ruralfaune)- THE REGGAEE "Your huddled Masses yearning to breathe Free" (ruralfaune)- SAWAADYJA "Three Circles and a Haruspex" (ruralfaune)Oui, je sais, je suis un peu mono-maniaque en ce moment, mais Ruralfaune le mérite bien.- ANNE BACHELEY "Station Life"... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2007

playlist fevrier 2007

playlist fevrier 2007 - WOLFSKULL "tannasg" (ruralfaune)- ROBEDOOR "hidden ascension" (ruralfaune)- GHOSTS BRAMES OF THE CERF'S MAGICKAL "For ever hang thy dreamy spell, round mountain star and heather bell" (ruralfaune)- QUETZOLCOATL "Triumphant rock shards rise from the sea, awaken my giddy child heart" (ruralfaune)- GHOSTS BRAMES OF THE CERF "Quotidian Furtivian" (267 lattajja)- NEIL ON IMPRESSION "for a new grammar of feelings" (life of hate)- IMAGINE IF THE SUN... [Lire la suite]
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